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Monday, May 21, 2007

File Under: Makes No Sense

Our washer broke. It's only three years old, but although everything on it still works, the basket is all lopsided for some reason. Gasket? Bracket? Something is off. So when calling around, repair techs who haven't even seen the damn thing gave us estimates that averaged around $350. The problem? That's $50 more than the washer costs brand new. Essplain this to me, Lucy?!

It would be cheaper to buy a new washer, strap it to the back of Scott's grandfather's truck, stop by Target on the way home and buy all new underwear than it would be to fix the washer we already have - INCLUDING GAS.

Seriously?! Does nothing last anymore?


  1. They DO make cheaper washing machines, but they come with an indian and a creek. Jesus, $1.92 a week for three years to wash all your black clothes? Job well done.

  2. AHHAHHAHAHHAHA! 1.92 a week, Joe used his calculator.

  3. And he used it correctly. Mad props to Whitey!

  4. What do you want to bet that someone did it for him?