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Friday, May 04, 2007

Frightening Fridge Friday

Everyone who works in an office knows the horrors of the refrigerator. This is no match for it.

It will take an arm wielding a hammer to get rid of the fridge funk.

Usually, someone on staff takes it upon themselves to clean out the fridge. It usually seems to be me, but I can't take all the credit. Sometimes I send threatening e-mails to the rest of the staff, reminding them at Ebola is a horrific way to die and I'm pretty sure you can catch it from items like THIS:

This photo is blurry on purpose.
You don't want to see what it looks like in focus.

Prometheus delivered Greek food to the Metro Spirit.

But some things aren't as obvious, like this entree that has been in the refrigerator - the old one, too - for as long as I've worked here:

Not such a healthy choice anymore.

And yet, sometimes the things that we WOULD eat are far more revealing, such as this tower of Lean Cuisine frozen meals. Talk about irony. It's topped off with a giant tub of cookie dough. :

Sharon, take this home. Corey was salivating on it last night.

Beverages, too, can tell their own stories. Someone here has been pulling a Goldilocks, and Mama Bear is pissed:

They wrote the caption for me and stuck it on the bottle.
Yay, Post-it Notes.

I'm calling myself out.
There is no way that you can make Diet Coke healthy,
even if they do add vitamins to it.
But I choose to buy into the marketing myths.

Wine in the fridge, vodka and popcorn on top of it.
Ahh. Just like home.


  1. Everyone knows vodka goes in the freezer. Is the jug wine still there? I love me some jug wine.

  2. No, the jug wine is gone. I'm sure someone, in a fit of despair, freaking funneled it one day.