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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Notes from Anthony Bourdain's Atlanta show

Saturday, November 20, 2010 By No comments

Eat at Fat Mac's Rib Shack in Atlanta

Eat at St. John in London

Drunken Emory students, please shut up

Q&A session needs better questions

Ted Nugent's appearances on his show gets him the most hate mail

His wife, who is Italian, finds his Italian food only acceptable

No one wants to know how he cooks an omelet. It's a ridiculous question. Sit down, sir.

Why hasn't he done a barbecue tour? Because everyone else does it, and because the ratings spike up. So the network executives' expectations get too high.

His weirdest - but delicious - food was Guinea pig.

He's drinking a Sweetwater 420.

Why do so many people want to know his opinion on legalizing weed in California? Incidentally, he thinks it's more fun when it's illegal.

Aspiring chefs should go to culinary school, but not before you make sure you'll like heat, pace, insanity, no weekends or holidays off, and the neverending conversations about penis prowess.

Fave Ramones song is "Beat on the Brat."

He likes KFC mac n cheese when no one is watching and he's really drunk.

Bacon is the way to break vegetarians.

The 'next pork belly' is lamb neck.

He won't shoot in Burma or Iran, because of the government.

He's not welcome back in Romania.

He would like to see more 'democratic' approach to food - more food trucks and stalls, less snobbishness and velvet rope attitude.

He could do every show in China for the rest of his life, and still not know everything.

I think EVERYONE got drunk before they came to the show. Except me. Boo.

Nothing about his life has improved since he stopped smoking.

He likes to say 'fuck,' a lot. It's almost like he has Tourette's.

Last meal used to be roasted marrow. But now it's some kind of sea urchin thing. Whatever.

If you have your hand up, you should ACTUALLY have a question. Please. You are hurting my feelings.

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