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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Because it's her world, we just live in it

Emmie is crying right now.

"But why is it in ATLANTAAAAAA," she wails.

I can't answer her, because I'm trying to keep my laughter to myself. It's a ridiculous outburst brought on by a weekend of art openings, late-night movies, all-day Putt-Putt adventures, and the confusion of daylight savings.

"I jus' want dem to build oooooooonnnnne," she continues to cry.

What is this outburst over? A theme park? A zoo? An aquarium? No. It's over a sushi buffet.

"'Cause I really, really like da octopuuuuuuss!" she wails.

Because that's what all normal 5-year-olds are craving these days.

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