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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Giving my sister a hard time

Wednesday, November 03, 2010 By

My sister, Kelli, is a very loving aunt. She gets really excited about stuff like Halloween. Unfortunately, she lives four hours away. So she depends on photos and phone calls to stay in touch. Emmie and Zequan were going to trick-or-treat as Lady Gaga and Jason Voorhees. I was going as Joan Holloway from "Mad Men."

Text from my sister: Do you have pictures of Emmie and Zequan?

Text from me: No. Joan Holloway is making her pen necklace.

An hour later...

Kelli: How about now?

Me: Joan Holloway is busy watching children. Do not make me sleep with your husband and dock your time card.

Kelli: How about Little Gaga?

Me: Gaga is on tour and cannot be reached. Please leave a message.

Kelli: COME ON!!

Me: Joan Hollway did not get promoted to Director of Operations for Sterling Cooper by being easily distracted.

She didn't answer any of my texts the rest of the night.


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