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Saturday, February 28, 2004

How Did I Get Here?

Scott: You're beautiful.
Me (laughing): Stop it.
Scott: You are beautiful.
Me (blushing): Stop it!

He's already sitting in the chair with me, because there's no longer any room to stand at the table. Friday's is packed, as usual, on F&B night, and we're all crowded at a table in the bar. He leans in an plants a trail of kisses from my shoulder to my neck. I try to laugh it off. How did we get to this point? We were talking, and laughing, and drinking and - oh, yeah. We were drinking.

Scott: I've always thought you were beautiful.
Me (hiding my face on his shoulder): Thank you.
Scott: I have a secret confession to make.
Me: Uh, oh. What?
Scott: I've always been attracted to you. I couldn't ask you out, though, 'cause you were dating the librarian. But I've always thought you were great.
Me:That's interesting. I've always thought you were GAY.
Scott: I'm bi. I use the gay thing as a front.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

(Groan) Why Can't I Be Normal?

When I got home last night at 5 a.m., someone's dog had gotten into my garbage. There was smelly stinky garbage strewn all over my little yard. I thought: "Oh, hell, no," and went the fuck to bed. I resigned myself to getting it up at the crack of noon to clean it.

So I get up, drink some Diet Coke, start picking up around the house, and gather some garbage into a bag. Still wearing my negligee, I open my front door to toss the bag into the can, which is four feet from the door. My 80-year-old neighbor and her 50-year-old son are standing there.

Utter humiliation is an eye-opening way to start the day.