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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Can't Fight This Feeling

Anyone who knows me understands what a bargain hunter I am. I know every thrift shop west of Atlanta, and - except for lunch, for which I never seem to plan - spend as little of my own money on things as I can. I'm a member of every points club that will have - faulty as their judgment may be - and have been collecting favors from surveys for two years now.

So I like to let people know when I come across something that is good for saving money, or getting free samples, or whatever. And Bid4Prizes is giving away some coveted electronics - an Apple iPhone?! Flat Screen TV?! A Nintendo Wii?! Gah! I want them all like crazy! - through a unique program. The LOWEST UNIQUE bidder actually wins the auction.

That means the lowest amount of money that only one person bids is the winner. But they don't actually pay the money. They just win the prize. I know, it sounds a little odd, but a short video on the site explains the process. Frankly, all I see is an free iPod on my future. And maybe a Wii. Don't ask me why I want a Wii so badly. I just do! I want to shoot bunnies with toilet plungers! It's an illness!

But I think that a site like Bid4Prizes might be the cure. I'd love to be able to win something really great, that I totally don't need, like the BMW that's up for auction, and then donate it to the Garden City Rescue Mission. They need so much, and an additional vehicle could go a long way for them.

Or maybe I'll just keep the Beamer and give them my old Dodge! HA!

I tell you what: I'll let you know when I win!


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