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Friday, May 18, 2007

Let's do the "Time Warp" only once, and then for Pete's sake just let it go, mmmkay, people?

Theater fan: What would you say about a person who saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show only once and didn't feel any need to see it again?
Tim Curry: I'd say that was a person who was in full possession of their senses.

What? You don't want to look at this every Saturday night?

On a related note, the people who produced the video below need a hobby. And jobs. And a mental health evaluation.


  1. i'm gone have to agree with Mr. Curry on this point........not because Rocky Horror is not worth repeated viewings............but because repeated viewings of Meatloaf's musical interlude cause me to become more and more retarded with each's his most brilliant evil plan since "2 OUT OF 3 AINT BAD"...........the sick fuck...........