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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm back

Sorry for the absence! Craziness abounds at work, including two computer crashes - by the same computer, which is only two months old, thanks so much for buying a PC, Joe! - and two issues produced back to back. We're a weekly, not a daily, so putting out two issues in the same week makes us actually raise our heads off of our desktops and stop swilling beer for a while. No likey.

So this morning I come in and it looks like the computer of repetitive death has returned. But it sat silently. I hooked everything up and turned it on. Nothing. The green light came on but the screen was blank.

I crawled under the desk again to check the connections. Everything seemed to be where it was supposed to be, thank you for the color-coding and symbols. It seems computers these days are designed by Grrranimals. Anyway, still nothing. Ten minutes later I'm still under my desk, checking connections and blowing imaginary dust out of female receptors.

"It says 'Cable not connected,'" Natalie called, from where she was viewing my ass and my screen at the same time.
"Well, no crap. I just unplugged it. Let me plug it back in."
"It's on!" she said.
"I wasn't getting anything!" I fumed while screwing in the sides of the cable.
"I just pushed the on button," Natalie shrugged.

The on button, you say? Huh. Never heard of it.


  1. "...blowing imaginary dust out of female receptors."

    That's so hot.

  2. I was talking about (name redacted).

  3. I call bullshit here missy. Natalie would not say "pushed" the button. It is "mashed". Quotation marks mean quotes. I'm reporting you to the people that take these type of reports. Joe