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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Call of Nature

A local media personality picked her daughter up from a sleepover recently, and got some disturbing news. Apparently, after they thought the children had gone to bed, the chaperoning set of parents had enjoyed some time in their hot tub.
"They were doing it," this woman's daughter said, obviously scandalized in her pre-teen years.
"What do you mean?" her mother asked, prepared to have "The Talk" if necessary.
"Well, they were naked in the hot tub. That means they were doing it, right?"
"Maybe," her mother answered. Her daughter looked up at her in adorable prepubescent adoration.
"Mom, please tell me that you and Daddy don't do that," she begged. Her mom didn't miss a beat.
"No, sweetie. We don't have a hot tub."


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