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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Moving Daze

It has been a tumultuous move with a 2-year-old. We work primarily around her nap times and when she is sleeping, otherwise there are a number of staircases for her to tumble down. It has been a learning experience, and I would like to share a few lessons with you:

1. We have invisible dogs living with us. There is no way our 11-lb. short hair rat terrier can shed this much.
2. We do not have dust bunnies. We have fanged dust jackrabbits. It is as though all of my diligent housework was a hallucination.
3. My housework wasn't that diligent.
4. Eazy-Off Bam! is the sugar, if you know what I'm saying. (I'm trying to stop cursing like a drunken sailor... unless there are other drunken sailors around.)
5. There are purses and shoes in our closet that I didn't even know I owned.
6. All I think about when I come across possessions I didn't know I owned is that there are some very poor children in third world countries who would never waste things like that. I wish I had never bought them in the first place.
7. On the other hand, this is the best mascara I have ever tried. It must be the brush, but I don't care. The Morris Museum Gala was awash with admirers of my eyelashes.
8. The money spent on the Morris Museum Gala could have fed 10,000 of those children you see on television.
9. And yet, I and my eyelashes had a very good time at the gala. I might buy a $50 family membership and feed even fewer starving children. It is an amazing museum with a current exhibition of Tom Nakashima's work of the last two decades. It is also a Smithsonian affiliate.
10. So back to moving... you can never have enough boxes. I wish I had purchased these. But I did not.
11. Kmart - yes, Kmart! - has this cute dress on sale. I bought it in black when I was running out grabbing a new mascara, because my last one was in the purse that was stolen out of my car. Thanks, window smashers! I'm so sorry, starving children of Africa!
12. I think I will stop saving for stupid things like Target gift certificates and donate all of my MyPoints to charity. That will assuage the guilt a little more. But not entirely. I think art is so important but it is hard to give money to the arts when I could give formula to an infant.
13. But if childrens' charities aren't your thing, try leukemia and lymphoma charities. That doesn't keep to just one age group. This crazy lady I work with is completing a triathlon to raise money for research that will hopefully lead to a cure. Help her out, peeps!

So, I got off the subject of moving. But the effort moves on. I'm sure there will be more to come.


  1. "5. There are purses and shoes in our closet that I didn't even know I owned."

    Maybe because they're Scott's?

  2. Hmm... possibly. Have you seen that photo on his column at Gaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, but the photo actually prompted my mother to call me and tell me how much it disturbs her. She's two hours away and it haunts her sleep.