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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Emerson is in a foul mood because "Branny" and "Dada" left. Well, sorry, but your grandparents live in Atlanta, and they need to get back. Besides, you've had enough sugar. So, anyway, they're gone and she's pissed. And hungry.

"Emmie eat?" she asks me from the doorway.
"Sure, Emmie. I made you some fish, and green beans, and sweet potatoes," I coo, as we walk into the kitchen.
"NOOOOoooo!" she half-shrieks, and throws herself against the refrigerator.
"You don't want fish?"
She shakes her head.
"Well, what would you like for dinner?"
"Um... aya keem?" she asks, hopefully. I laugh. No ice cream tonight.
"No, ma'am. You have to eat your fish first."
"Well, I'm sorry. That's the way it is." I walk back into the living room.
When I turn around, she cuts her eyes at me.
"Wha-eber." she says.
"What?" I ask, not sure what she's just said.
"WHA-EBER!" she yells. And then stomps off, repeating herself. "Wha-eber. wha-eber. whaaaa-eber!

Well... at least I know that she listens to me.


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