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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My dad is funny

My parents (Emerson calls them "Branny" and "Dadada") are coming down this weekend to see Emerson, and will take her to the park. I made some suggestions, and my dad e-mailed me about it.

Branny just told me she is bringing Easter eggs for Em to hunt and she already knows about the big slide. Don't ask me how she knows about the big slide, she just does. She said it goes with being a Branny. What do I know!

Your mom told me I wasn't funny at all, just ignorant of how to express myself. I guess she can't help herself, being from Alabama and having her family. I've worked for over thirty seven years on changing her ways, and she has fought me tooth and nail the entire time. I'm running out of tooths and she is running out of nails, so maybe she is learning something.


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