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Monday, March 05, 2007

Those Freaky Germans

Our cleaning woman didn't come this weekend and the trash cans are overflowing.
"Hey, E.B., can your cane do double duty as a trash compactor," J.W. asks.
"NO," E.B. replies. "Perhaps you didn't see me with the Lysol last week. Besides that, I'm completely German anal."*
I stop as I mull this over. Then I see that J.W. has stopped. It's as though a little cartoon thought bubble is floating over his head.
"NO." I point at him.
He bursts into laughter.
"Thank you for stopping me," he says.
"Yeah, well, you need stopping."

* She actually said "germ anal," as in "anal-retentive about cleanliness for the sake of my health," but that is not at all what we heard.


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