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Thursday, March 08, 2007

She Did It Again!!!!

My morning ritual:

1. Wake up, scratch my head and then my ass and sleepily get ready to take Emmy to daycare.
2. The coffee begins kicking in when I am on Boy Scout Road; however, I am still sleepy and dreaming of one thing: a nice, warm bath.
3. Arrive back home to a frigid apartment and shake off my clothes.
4. Reach into the bathtub and pull the handle to start the bathwater.
5. Get soaked by a flood of 30-below water cascading out of the shower head.
6. Run through the apartment wet as hell, screaming every obcenity imaginable.

After my tirade I realize the only person who cares is sitting at her desk laughing and plotting her next move. Dr. Evil must be paying her extra. It has happened every day this month.


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