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Monday, April 02, 2007


I've never been to Europe - heck, I've never been out of the country. But traveling is a really big deal to me. I was born with a wanderlust that has never died, and when Emerson is older we'll be dragging her all over the place, I'm sure. We're starting small, with a weekend camping trip in the mountains in a few weeks. We'll work her up to more in the future.

While I love camping, what I really love is hotel sheets and room service. There's a reason I didn't want to leave the hospital after Emerson was born. Fresh sheets upon request, food delivered practically right to my mouth, and peace and quiet. But hotels, of course, have much better food. What I also love is getting my money's worth. So, a little tip for my readers - especially the international ones - is to keep an eye on Hotel Club News. Talk about insider information! It's almost as good a peek into the hotel industry as Waiter Rant is on the food and beverage industry.

Honesty, insider information, industry news, travel specials and time-sensitive deals, along with tips and secrets of getting the best service for your stay are the hallmarks of this blog. They even highlight interesting upcoming events so that when you get bitten by the travel bug but don't know where you want to go, you can choose by event instead of by destination. And isn't that better than the cruise-ship method of scheduling the hell out of every minute of your life? A little spontaneity really spices up life. That's why my 2-year-old and I had a sword fight this morning with the rods that open and close our blinds. What are those things called?

Anyway, she totally kicked my butt. My right pointer knuckle is bruised and swollen. Hard to lose to a 2-year-old. But I did.

But it's great to travel with them. Yes, they get grumpy. Yes, they get nervous from unfamiliar surroundings. But they also get more excitement out of every day than anyone over the age of 12 can even try to muster. She keeps me going until I collapse, utterly unaware that I am wearing myself out because I'm too busy having fun! And getting swollen knuckles. Ouch.

Emerson's favorite phrase is "Come on, Mama!" She's always on the go, and keeps me moving, too. We'll keep her moving to new places with exciting new experiences over the next few years. I'm glad there are resources like Hotel Club News to use. God bless the Internet. Those last-minute specials are really great!


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