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Friday, April 06, 2007

A Lesson in Customer Service

We have fielded more phone calls about the revamped calendar and movie listings than any else in the redesigned newspaper. It's fine - we don't mind. We understand that change is hard for people. They develop habits of information gathering, and they have to find a new approach. I've explained and assisted everyone about these issues as responsibly as possible. Apparently, I've been wasting my time.

Amy sits down chuckling.
"You should take a lesson in customer service from Bob," she says.
"He just fielded a phone call about the movie listings. This woman called in and said, 'I'm calling to request that you put the movie times back in the paper.' Bob said, 'Okay, no problem!'"
I am aghast. It never crossed my mind to lie.
"But she's going to call back next week when they're not in there!"
"Yeah, he says he's going to blame it on Ryan."


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