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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Commercial Degradiation

We're recording a commercial today at 2 p.m., and J.W. waits until I'm walking out the door to an interview to ask me about the scripts. In fact, I'm already out the door and on the sidewalk when he...

"Wait, Stacey, come here!"
"You're recording that spot today, right?"
"What spot?" I lie with a serious look on my face.
"That Parent spot."
"What spot?"
"Oh, okay, thanks," he screws up his mouth like he just ate a lemon.
"I'm kidding. Yes, we are."
I start to walk out the door. I have three minutes to get to the artist's studio.
(ah! I almost made it!)
"Have you written the script?"
"Yes, Amy has it," I reply, backing out of the door. Can he not see I have somewhere to be?
"How does it sound?"
"We haven't recorded it yet. I'll let you know."
(Let's see... what are the signals... purse around shoulders, check. Notebook in hand, check. Keys out, check. Ass out the door, double check!)
"I mean how does the script sound?"
"I -"
"Is it good?"
"I - "
"Is it funny?"
"I - "
"Will people enjoy it?"
"Gah! J.W., just go read the script, already! Can't you see that I'm very busy and important!"
I run out the door before he can stop me again. I swear he times these conversations on purpose!