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Saturday, April 07, 2007

No More Mr. Anonymous

I am moonlighting on masters week to make a few extra bucks for us and to also fund my tank project out at Pendleton King Park. At first, I thought, all the locals will be gone and since I am on radio, no one knows what I look like anyway, so it won't be a problem.

The only problem with pairing the two jobs is that well meaning listeners love to engage you in conversation about what Rush said, or what Austin said, or some news report they heard. That is never a problem unless you are in a busy serving job in a restaurant and have hungry mouths to feed. You can't sit back and chit chat about what is on the radio.

First table I get goes like this-

Me: Hi, my name is Scott blah blah, what can I get you to drink?
Customer to wife: Honey? Do you know who this is?
Wife: No.
Customer: He's Austin's younger brother!
Wife: Oh, you work at WGAC? Pleased to meet you.

OK, I am thinking they saw me out reporting something and recognized me, so no problem.

Second table goes like this-

Me: Hi, my name is Scott blah, blah, what can I get you to drink.
Customer: Is this some kind of joke?
Me: I'm sorry, I don't understand.
Customer: Oh, I get it. Are you guys doing some kind of celebrity waiter thing?

Okay, first of all, anyone who puts the word "celebrity" in front of the name of someone who needs to moonlight in a restaurant to pay for their family vacation is...well I digress.

I am nevertheless stunned. Why are all these people recognizing me? I am supposed to be the faceless voice that travels over the air. Then it dawns on me.

We have not had cable in years. We just don't watch that much tv. I have been sitting in on Austin's Comcast show for the past few months. I had completely forgot that the show airs like 86 times a week...and it is "on demand" for true die hards. Apparently lots and lots of people watch the damn show. Normally, I would be saying "COOL!" This weekend, I am saying "SHIT!!"

Oh, God, this weekend may turn out to be really interesting.



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