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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into

Photos of the fallout from Austin Rhodes' big mouth. Thanks, Austin. Although I don't agree with his comments, or the publicity-seeking and boundary-testing that most likely inspired it, I am so far not impressed with the other side. They've called for boycotts on everything from Comcast Cable to rice and beans.

I call for a boycott on the phrase "E-mail up and running" I mean, that's e-mail. It's always up and running, unless your server is down.

Also, what's the point in boycotting Comcast when, in all likelihood, they've locked people into contracts for two years? You want people to shell out those ridiculous fees? Puh-leez.

Champ Walker orating (as best he can) outside of the Beasley
Broadcasting building that houses the WGAC studios.
He might be a handsome man, if he would learn to be quiet.

The protesters play it up for the media. I don't even know what
flag they're waving in the background, but it's probably from a
country that wouldn't allow them to peaceably assemble.

UPDATE: Oh, look. I'm an idiot.
Of course the U.S. would allow them to peaceably assemble.

The cheese stands alone.


  1. And yet, very little's been made over the fact that Rush Limbaugh ran a parody on his show calling Barak Obama a "Magic Negro"

  2. "We stand behind Austin"?

    He needs some help with his pronouns. Alice?

  3. Uh, what are you talking about, Jim?