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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Great Disappointment

Don't you hate it when you get all excited about your lunch and it turns out sucky? Here is a list of things that sucked about our lunch:

1. "Salad" composed of one (1) slice of iceburg lettuce, and three cherry tomato halves.

2. "Sweet Potato Fries" included sweet potato strings that may once have been fried, but not for long and not in the recent past. R.D. said "They're like old person fries. All wrinkly and slimy." Um, okay. We bathe the old people in our family, Ryan.

3. "Moroccan Chutney Meatballs with CousCous" included meatballs that were not so much Moroccan as they were of dubious international origins. And the "chutney" was tomato chutney. That's not freaking chutney. That's salsa.

4. The couscous was plain. PLAIN! Why serve me plain pasta beads?!

5. Reminds me of a story: apparently, "couscous" means "vagina" (or, rather, the "p" word for it) in Persian or Farsi. A young Iranian student was horrified when I used the term one day until I described what it was I was talking about. Couscous is apparently not served in Iranian cuisine.

6. Anyway...

7. "Key Lime Parfait" was $6 for a dessert that was 90% cream, 10% key lime flavored pudding, and topped with graham cracker crumbs. Lllllaaaaaaaame!

8. The bread sticks were undercooked phyllo dough twists that had spices I could not determine. Might have been basil. Just couldn't tell.

So, to sum up, lunch was an overpriced load of crap. Thanks, [Joe is a Turd]!


  1. Dear Great Disappointment,

    I am a frequent customer of the White Elephant Cafe and have been to several functions they have catered as well. I have always enjoyed their unique and tantalizing culinary cuisine. The salad you depict is a "Wedge" salad and it is served with a delicious tofu based salad dressing, which appears that you either requested no dressing or ordered it on the side. Leaving it out of the photograph is deceitful and not an accurate representation of this salad. FYI...I have had a wedge salad at the Augusta Country Club as well!!!
    Have you Googled tomato chutney recipes, obviously not!! As far as the sweet potato fries, how long did they sit in your carryout container? I find this "blog" so negative after such a positive write up in the Metro Spirit. Did you express your concerns to the owner or manager of the White Elephant Cafe?

  2. wow anonymous!!!! must be the owner.......

  3. We can agree to disagree (hey, I'll probably never enjoy kim chi, despite its interesting culinary origins), but let me just say that all of your assumptions were incorrect and that the experience can be substantiated by five other people. And I have always thought that a wedge salad is just a stupid idea, no matter who serves it. Finally, I wish you hadn't named the restaurant. Any place can have a bad day and I hadn't written them off my list like I have a couple of other places in this town because of poor service and spotty food quality (Deliberative Body Area, I'm talking about you!).

    I'm sorry you found it negative, but I'm more sorry that I momentarily devolved into a "What I Had for Lunch" blogger. How uncreative of me.