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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Art Show

This is the Metro Spirit's wonderful former intern, Allegra Yealy, in her first art showing at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art. She did some beautiful photos of New Mexico in a silver gelatin print. We're hoping that she'll do some stuff for us from Athens next year, when she attends the University of Georgia.

This is a bust (har har) done by Natalie Logue, the sister of a friend of mine. It's a really beautiful piece with a crackled glaze on the outside and really smooth, graceful lines. It looks alternately strong and sturdy, and yet delicate and fragile. I don't know what she's going for with it, but I loved it like crazy.

This is another piece by Natalie. It evokes 1900 Paris, old advertisements for vermouth and absinthe, and Toulouse Latrec all at once. Lovely texture and color and I wanted to steal it off the wall. But I didn't. I did offer to buy it, but she wouldn't set a price. I hope she'll call me in a few days.

This show will run through the end of April at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art. There are some wonderful pieces in the show, some that are just fun, and some that - of course - scream "STUDENT ART!" But it's an interesting show. Look for the painting over the fireplace. I love it, too, but as I am not an artist, my photo of it looked like poop. Visit