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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Is this me?

Okay, Rhian. You suckered me into this one, and I was certain that I'd be either a magpie or a three-toed sloth. But this quiz tells me I'm a mouse. Of course, my Meyers-Briggs tests always told me that I'm a librarian at heart, so maybe there's some correlation.

But feel free to click through the link, people, and answer four questions to make sure I see myself correctly.

Thanks, Rhi! Now I have to go cook some macaroni and cheese!

UPDATE: Hey, now I'm a Great Dane! Well, at least people don't run shrieking from me, which is a nice change from real life...

UPDATE REDUX: Now I'm a tiger?! What... I don't understand. And now people run screaming from me again.

UPDATE RETROIX: Okay. A monkey I get.


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