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Friday, July 30, 2010

Don't Worry; Be Frugal

Friday, July 30, 2010 By

When I started this new job, I knew there would be nearly two months between my last paycheck at my old job, and my first paycheck at my new. Yikes. How to get through that without dipping into savings?

The answer was really pretty simple: Stop spending so dang much.

It's easy, when working in sales, to get into a habit of client lunches and new shoes. It eats up a lot of money.

So I've worked on finding the best ways to save money. My mom's birthday, for example, is in July. And while we could have given her more chicken-themed gifts to place around the house, what she really needed was a new computer.

Gah! There was no way.

After some research, and a site that lists Overstock Coupons, we came up with a unit with a 3 GHz processor, 1.8 GB of RAM, and a 40 GB hard drive for $150, preloaded with Windows 7. With a 2-year warranty, shipping and handling, the total came to $203. Split between me and my sister, it was affordable.

After that experience - not that I've ever been wasteful with money - I learned a hard lesson about paying full price for retail. In short, there's really no reason to do it. So I'm going to set up a side bar with links to frugal living sites. And as I've already started blogging about great products, I'll also start including great deals. I hope that you take advantage of them all!


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