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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Myrtle is a Weird Name for a Beach

As it turns out, my husband's vacation does not roll over each year. Silly, foolish mortal. So he has two weeks of vacation to take this year. I'm trying to figure out where the three of us could have some fun together.

We visited Myrtle Beach once, and spent all of our time lazing around in the sand. This time, I might like to stay in a Myrtle Beach hotel with more amenities. Myrtle is a weird name for a beach without a population of turtles, by the way.

Has anyone ever stayed at I was attracted to the fact that the property has three pools, two lazy rivers, and five hot tubs. What is it about a lazy river that people like so much? I mean, it's basically a pool that tells YOU where to go. You know what attracted me to this property? It has a POOL BAR. Yes. Please to combine swimming and vodka, k thx. And also, it has golf. My husband and I are not big golfers, but I think the experience could be therapeutic, yes? No? What was that? Golf clubs make great head injuries? I did not know this! Anyway, I was looking for Myrtle Beach vacation deals and came across these. Let me know if you have any feedback on this resort!


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