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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who Says No Prayer in School?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 By

Emmie watched her first episodes of Ren & Stimpy this week (thanks, Netflix Instant for the Wii). I had forgotten how disgusting it was. Sugar-coated milk?! [gag]

But it has some important lessons for kids, too, about friendship, jealousy, cleanliness, and the History Eraser Button (hint: don't push it). One lesson particularly resonated with Emerson. As we were going to sleep tonight, she in the top bunk and I in the wonky bottom bunk, she suddenly gasped.

"Mama! I forgot! Rem an' Stippy sayed we got to say our prayers!"

"Oh, okay... you go ahead," I said.

"Okay, mama," she folded her hands and closed her eyes. "I pludgeallegiance to da flag ub da united stays ub america. An' to da repuggic, ub witches dance, one nayshun, unner God, inde... inde... indebbissible, wif liberdy + just us for all. Amen."


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