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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Win, Lose or Draw

Tuesday, August 03, 2010 By

Emmie is being obnoxious.

"Em, if Zayquan says to stop annoying him, please do it," I say, wearily. They're still playing pretty well together, but a high-pitched whining emanates from their current location more frequently than usual.

"But, Mama, I jus' do dis," and she pats him on the head with a stick.

"Em, cut it out. He doesn't like it."

"But iss funneeeeee!"

"This is not a negotiation. Stop it. Now."

"But it doesn't hurt."

"Do you know what annoying is?"

"Yes, I -"

I interrupt by poking her in the forehead.

"How do you like that?" I ask.

She sets her jaw. "I lite it."

"Oh, really?" I poke her again. Her mouth turns down, and her eyes narrow. I see her thinking, and I worry about that. Sometimes I would like to turn off her brain.

"Do you still like it?"





"I still like it."


"Yeah, do it again."


"Das great, danks, mama."

This is not working out the way I had hoped. I poke her one more time, and she grins up at me.

"You can do dat all da time, mama."


"Fine. You win. Just stop annoying Zay, young lady," I say, and smooch her forehead where I poked her.

"Okay. But... Mama?"


"Um, could you not poke me anymore, please?"

"No problem."

Hee. I win.


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