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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Saturday, August 28, 2010 By

Scott and Emmie both love the spotlight. They were both born without guile, with the entertainment gene in full effect. It's crazy, I tell ya.

I'm social, it's true. But being on camera, being in front of a crowd... It's not for me. I can manage public speaking, and I generally do well, but I frequently vomit later.

Today, Emmie and I went to return books at the Augusta Headquarters Library. There was News Channel 6 paraphernalia all over the place.

"Look, Em! The TV station is here - the one Daddy is on in the mornings," I say.

"Oooh, I lub to play myself on tellebision!" Emmie said.

I'll open her pro account as soon as possible. >:-|

The station was sponsoring a "Kids First" event, with coloring, balloon animals, a magician... and television auditions.

Crap. Had I known, I never would have brought her. Because like a moth to the flame, Em went straight for the camera. One, she gets enough exposure on Facebook, Twitter, my blog, Scott's job at WGAC, and my old job at Augusta Parent Magazine. At some point, it's just overkill. Second, she was in ratty play clothes and we hadn't fixed her hair.

"Read to us!" she said, on cue and completely oblivious. "Put kids first!"

So look for her soon - blink and you'll miss her - on News Channel 6's Kids First commercials... along with her unbrushed hair and beach clothes. (Sigh...)

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  1. The really tough part is that those of us who follow Emmie and her parents can't get enough of her! She is such a precious person. And her parents are insightful, thoughtful, and caring.

    Although I have never met your family face-to-face, I look very much forward to reading about you on Facebook & in your fabulous blogs. I click over to the blogs almost daily to see if a new post is up. And I repeat your stories as if you were my daughter or son and grand child.

    All three of you are born storytellers and Great Americans. Keep doing what you've been doing. Your readers LOVE YOU!