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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Maybe For Her Birthday in January (Anyone up For Sharing a Room?)

Emmie's asking to go back to Orlando - LOL!

"Can we go back to Atlanta an' ride da teacups and da train dat go berry fass?!"

"Baby, that's in Orlando, Florida."

Her little mouth turned down and she whispered, "Mama? I know iss berry spensable, but you can hab my money and dollars."

She ran to get her money and returned with my old wallet.

"Here, mama. I pay for it."

I look inside. There's about a dollar in change. There was more, but I discovered that she took it to pre-k last year and gave it away to her friends, "so ebbrybidy hab da same."

My little Communist.

"You up for a trip to Orlando?" I texted my sister.

"Let's go!" she replied.


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