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Monday, May 03, 2010

Let That Be a Lesson...

Augusta, Ga. - Emerson and her cousin, Jackson, are playing in the back yard at my parents' house.

When I pop out to check on them, I see they are digging worms out of the gardening soil... and chopping them up.

"Hey!" I exclaim, louder than I intended. They both jump. Oops.

"Sorry. What are you two doing?"

"We choppeend da worms! Loot!" Emmie points to the three small, independently squirming pieces of what used to be one respectably-sized nightcrawler. This is not cool.

"Are you planning on eating those worms?" I ask. They look at each other in confusion and shake their heads.

"Okay. I know that they're gross, but these worms are living animals. If we don't plan on eating them, we don't kill them."

Jackson pipes up, worriedly: "Are you gonna make us eat 'em?"

"No," I grin. "You didn't know this rule. But now you do, right? Now please put the worms back in the dirt and find something else to do."

"Okay!" They agree, enthusiastically, and I leave them to it.

But as I close the sliding glass door, I hear Jackson talking to Emmie: "Don't tell her about the roly pollies."

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