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Monday, July 07, 2014

Making messes

Monday, July 07, 2014 By

AUGUSTA, GA - Emerson and I had lunch with my awesome parents on Saturday. I was talking about my plans to bring home two refrigerator boxes and make a stair slide for Emerson.

I'm sure I'll have another blog post afterwards, detailing my injuries.

Anyway, it sparked a conversation about the things kids do - and that we did as children - to annoy our parents. There was the time my father decided he was Superman, and climbed onto the roof and jumped off - spraining his ankles.

"You really did that?" Emerson asked.

"Oh, yes," my dad replied. "It didn't work out very well."

"Em, I remember when your aunt Kelli and uncle J.D. and I took all our blankets and pillows, piled them in the floor, and jumped off the bunk bed onto them," I said.

"Did it work?" she asked.

"As I remember, it did. But Granny put a stop to it real quick."

"It was the thudding that bothered me," Mom grinned. "But the one I remember most is the time you all spread baby powder all over J.D.'s hardwood floor in the bedroom, and 'ice skated' around in your socks."

"Oh, my gosh," I gasped, laughing along with Emerson. "That's pretty creative, you have to admit. I'm kind of proud of that."

Mom pursed her lips. "I was not impressed."

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