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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Love notes

I put a note in Emerson's lunchbox. It said: "Emerson, I hope you have a great day at school. I love you very much. Have fun at ballet! Love, Mom. P.S. - There is a special treat in here for you." And I put a square of Dove chocolate in her lunch.

Well, apparently, she opened her lunch to check the contents. Because in my folder at work, I found this note:

It says, "Mom, I (heart) you. You are special to me. I do not need a treat. You are my surprise! You are a special girl and you are a big big big surprise! You are my Valentimes. Love, Emmie. (smiley heart man)"

Yes, that's right. My kid is The Best Kid on the Whole Planet!


  1. Yes, captain Obvious. Your kid IS the best kid in the planet. Nay, the UNIVERSE! She is amazing. And she is right, too: you ARE a special girl <3 Sending you lots and lots of love (to you both) from cold, wintery Germany :-)

  2. Love to you, too! We wish we could visit cold, wintery Germany right now. Emmie saw photos of people ice skating the canals of Amsterdam and wants to go so bad! I realize, by the way, that Amsterdam is in another Europe-type country, and not Germany, specifically, but you have frozen water in Germany, too, right?

  3. We have liters and liters of frozen water in Germany. Emmie would have loved it - and I made not one, no, but TWO snow angels. :-) And, fyi, I don't think you want Emmie knowing about Amsterdam until she is at least 25. Or 35. Or never.