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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You people do not appreciate me nearly enough

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 By No comments

Emerson and I were walking across the Georgia Health Sciences University campus, chatting, on the way to my car. She's in a goofy mood and repeatedly head-butts me in the butt.

"Doodle, cut it out. You're bruising my bootie!"

She laughs. "Okay, mama. Wull, tell me a story, then."

"Okay.... how about a joke? Knock-knock."

"Who's der?"

"Impatient cow."

"Impatient -" "MOOO!"

She stops and shakes her head at me, with a wry grin. "Tomorrow? Bring a better joke."


"Hey, that was a good joke!" I protest.

"No," she giggles.



"Yes, it was."

"Wull, maybe a little bit funny."


"Okay, it was pretty good."

"Well, thanks so much."


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