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Friday, May 06, 2011

Girls who wear glasses...

Friday, May 06, 2011 By

Recently, I went to get my eyes examined. I had some medical issues in October, and my vision seems to have been impacted. So I wanted to make sure that I'd covered all my bases. My prescription eyeglasses didn't change much, and I was SUPER impressed with MCGHealth Eye Care Center. I've seen several good eye docs, but when you want the best, I say you go to the folks who teach the other docs how to be docs - right?

One thing did change: the cost of prescription eyeglasses. Yowza! I really, really liked some of the frames in the eye store (not affiliated with the exam clinic; they don't carry frames). But they started at more than $100 for the frames, lenses not included. I was disappointed to walked away.

So I went back to Zenni Optical. I've used them before. The cost? $19. With frames.

Once I added high-index lenses to keep the glasses from weighing on my nose and giving me headaches, the cost jumped to $39. But I could get three pairs for the cost of the frames only at my local store.


  1. I need to go there! I've only gotten two pairs of frames in the past twenty years for the same reason - I just keep having them switch out the lenses when my prescription changes. So where are the photos of your cool new specs, huh? ;)