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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Staff E-mail Blast

Refrigerator Scary

There once was a fridge named Scary
Whose food had grown oddly hairy.
The bags and the boxes
Smelled like decomposing foxes
And, seriously, you people have to clean out your crap.

Get on it.

Before the great flood came, Noah's Ark was full of supplies...

Like enough pre-portioned ketchup packets to last
through 40 days and nights of French fries.

But someone ate all the pizza... well, almost all of it.
A month ago.

And the chicken salad. Or tuna. Or... something.

This is something involving red onions and green stuff that
may -
at one time - have been healthy veggies.

Prometheus must have left this Greek food here during the last kegger.

At the end of the flood - there's still more crap! Gah!


  1. Haven't you used the Prometheus funny before????

  2. The Grape Leaves of Wrath????

  3. I'd rather kill my dad and have sex with my mother than eat that spanikopita.

    Sheesh. Amatures.

  4. the refrigerator is is conspicuously devoid of beer.........what is wrong with you people?!?!.........