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Monday, January 02, 2012

Loser choices for New Year's Eve

Me: I don't know what I'm going to do NYE. I'll be in Atlanta, I think.

Alice: Go to the Clermont Lounge. I'm sure it'll be kicking.

Me: That is the kind of thing one does with a group of drunks at 3 a.m. It's not fun before then. It's just sad.

Alice: True.

Me: Ooh, Kansas is playing the Peach Drop. We can ring in the new year with the existential crisis that is "Dust in the Wind."

Alice: LOL!!!!!

Me: Start 2012 off with some morose navel-gazing. Happy times.

Alice: I'm sure there will be lots of bikers/rednecks whooping it up.

Me: The other grown-up option is the annual downtown countdown, with Ed Kawalczkqxkwvpgh (formerly) of Live and Naughty by Nature. What a weird combo.

Alice: Glad the '90s are back... When Jayson worked at the dining hall at UGA, one of the guys he worked with had to get coke for Ed Kawlakghsdfhhblech when they played the Athens Fairgrounds.

Me: I'm not complaining - unless someone starts playing "My Heart Will Go On" and then Hanson roller blades through the room while everyone does the Macarena, in which case, DEATH TO ALL. I like 90s music. BUT THERE ARE LIMITS. And I hit that limit when the younger cousin of my friend went to the Soul Bar for 90s night. She was wearing torn jeans, a flannel shirt and Docs. She said she was "in costume." I almost drop-kicked her off this planet.

Alice: LOL!!!!!

Me: I was all:

Alice: I just almost spit hot chocolate on my monitor.