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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Honesty suits her

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 By 1 comment

I sent Emerson to bed early because the child cannot keep up with a single article of clothing unless it is stapled to her body. After having left her jacket and bookbag god-only-knows-where for the I-long-ago-lost-count-th time, I'd had enough.

But 30 minutes later, she came stomping down the hall like nothing happened.

"Can you scoot ober? Can you share da blanket?" she asked.

"Just what are you doing?" I retorted, and she began to stammer a reason why she should be out of bed.

"Wull, so I was in da bedroom and... wull, see, there was... oh, nevermind. I'm a wuss. I'm juss scared to be by myself."

She didn't get out of her punishment, but we both had a good laugh.


  1. I'm also scared to be by myself :-( But I think it is important to admit that, in order to try to figure out a way to get over it. My way to get over it: try to not be by myself :-) that did not go all too well in Thailand, though...