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Monday, January 23, 2012

Appalachian Emergency Room, Part II

Occasionally I post a story about my sister's part-time gig at a natural foods store in North Georgia. This is another installment.

A woman in her 60s (we'll call her Nana) came into the store and asked for aloe vera. The store carries a number of different kinds - gels, liquids, some for internal use, some for external use.

"Nana said, 'I had a cyst removed from down there, in there,'" Kelli said. "She was pointing to her vagina, really pushing the point across about where it was located. I was like, I GET IT! IT'S YOUR VAG!"

Nana shared a detailed history of her medical experiences, visits to homeopathic doctors, etc. She wanted to know how Kelli could help her.

"I am not a physician or a homeopathic doctor. I am a part-time retail clerk. Why tell me about your vaginas and wieners?" Kelli said.

Nana wished she had known about the miraculous pure aloe gel when she'd had children, because childbirth had basically ripped her in half. And now everyone is freaked out by Nana's vagina for forever. Anyway, the cyst removal left a spot that gets irritated. Nana wanted to treat it with aloe, per her homeopathic doctor's recommendations.

Kelli continued: "She said, 'Because sometimes it just gets so irritated that I can't stop messing with it.' Again, THANKS FOR THE VISUAL OF YOUR VAGINA... ma'am."


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