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Monday, January 09, 2012

All Emerson wanted for Christmas was...

Emerson got almost everything she wanted for Christmas, except the iPad she desired so greatly. She'll have to make do with my iPod Touch until such time as pigs fly.

Conveniently for Learning Express Toys, however, Emerson's birthday is coming up at the end of the month. But now I have no idea what to give her. I asked her what she wanted, but she got so much stuff from her very loving and generous extended family that I don't think she has any ideas, either. Seriously. She has so much stuff that she can't even imagine anything else to want. First world problems: We haz dem.

So this morning she told me that she wants a parrot. I tried very hard not to laugh in her face.

No, I'm serious, people! She's going to get something ridiculous like a cemetery plot for her 7th birthday, because she has maxed out all the major categories of children's toys:

  1. Toys that make annoying sounds
  2. Toys that hurt your foot when you step on them
  3. Toys that startle you when you walk through the house at night
  4. Toys that cost more to play with than they do to purchase
  5. Toys that devour batteries like Takeru Kobayashi eats hot dogs
  6. Toys that make such a huge mess that I conveniently misplace them in the back of her closet
  7. Creepy dolls that may kill me in my sleep

    The only thing we never have enough of are books and science toys. If you have any good recommendations for such things, I'm all ears.

    Actually, that might be all that's left of me after her enormous Baby Alive toddles into the bedroom one night and murders me.


    1. I suggest a telescope! I could not find it in the US site for Imaginarium, but here is an idea:
      I gave that to my 6 year old cousin a couple of years back and it was AMAZING!!!!! Since she's a bit older, she might enjoy it even more.

    2. As usual I laughed myself silly over this piece. I hear you with the "first world problem" thing. Finding good presents for well-supplied kids can turn into an unsustainable "arms race" if you're not careful. Still, one year I hit the jackpot with a bunch of assorted cast offs my DD could create art with, all sorted into bags, with new paint, cardboard bases & glue, so it's not inevitably upward.

      It's so great that you're emphasizing science! All too often it gets short shrift, though it's truly fun for youngsters & critical for engaged citizenry in our time. There're lots of great options for science presents. My top picks are...
      - Optics: I second a telescope. This is also a good age to get binoculars or a microscope. Good ones are kind of pricey but there are discounts around, including our fave science shop American Science & Surplus . I warn you, though- it's addicting!

      - Depending on her interests, a bird feeder or a kit to build one with, along with the bird ID book, or a bug-related kit. The National Gardening Assnhas wonderful kid gardening programs so we shop at their site whenever we can.

      - From the same company (or Park Seed or a local garden store) a seed starting kit with herb or salad greens is a fun science activity. It can lead to better eating, too. I seem to remember y'all have had a garden before (?) but this can be a way to try some new things or take an interest a little further. If she's beyond that a special container, new garden stool or other fun gear would be a great present. We find lots of cute stuff at Gardeners Supply

      - Thinking Putty specialty putty (magnetic, glow-in-the dark, etc.) offers lots of cool options. Glow in the Dark with a black light key chain would be a nice combo.
      Their site is

      - A science-related day trip with maybe a new ID book or hiking scarf or scrapbook for the photos would be nice. With several national parks nearby & Phinizy & the canal almost in your backyard there're lots of nature choices. Fernbank Museum of Natural History & Fernbank Science Center in Atlanta are both amazing.

      - Science & nature-related decorations & such for her room. I love these cute lamps at Hearth Song but they're on clearance and won't last long.

      - Magazines take a present all year round & give them the ever-popular MAIL. Plus there're great graphics for school projects (if you can bear to cut them up!). Our faves were the stellar offerings from National Wildlife Federation and National Geographic

      - Audio or online magazines also last a whole year & are very portable: Boomerang audio magazine were so engaging I loved them too, and my DD listed to them well into the teen years.

      - Postcards can be used for all sorts of things- decorating, flashcards, starting point for adventure, etc. We love the multi-books from Dover, and there're lots of nature images:

      Hope some of this helps! Eileen~