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Friday, September 02, 2011

Not at all helpful

Friday, September 02, 2011 By

During lunch, two coworkers and I were chatting about relationships. She is seeing someone casually. He and I were listening to a small dilemma she had.

"So I called to see if he wanted to do something tonight," she said. "I know we just saw each other Saturday, but I thought we could squeeze something in."

I couldn't help it. I snickered. He chuckled.

"That's what I was thinking, too," he smirked, and we dissolved into a full-on gigglefest that was totally lacking in intelligence or maturity.

"Thanks, guys," she rolled her eyes. "That's real helpful."

Am I the only thirty-(mumble)-year-old who still finds conversational phrases in contexts like this funny? It's so stupid! It's like the "Jersey Shore" of situational comedy!

Le sigh... I'm going to go read some Oscar Wilde.


  1. I think that the fact that you can make a joke out of (almost) anything is an amazing characteristic, and a main reason why people keep wanting to be your friends... in spite of your awkwardness :-) When I'm thirty-mumble, I want to have the capacity to have a gigglefest in public, too.

  2. "in spite of your [suaveity]"


  3. I'm forty-mumble and I totally find the funny in comments like that...immature? Maybe... Would I change it? Nevaaaahhhhhhh.