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Friday, September 30, 2011

Bulldawg Nation is ruthless

Colleague: Witnessed the "killing" of the Coastal Carolina Football team by UGA... 59 to nothing...ouch.

Me: It's Coastal Carolina, what did you expect? They're most noted for their literary magazine. Poetry readings do not train good defensive linemen.

Colleague: T
he Georgia offensive line outweighed the Carolina defensive line by an average of 100 pounds. Poor little dudes got pushed around all day. I thought there was this big liberal media push to do away with bullying?

Me: Was it Coastal Carolina Middle School?!

Colleague: They played like the Richmond Academy for the Blind.

Me: Well, their little eyes were so tired from copy editing their novels.


  1. WOW on two levels: (1) WOW, really small font!! (But that might be the liter of Sangria affecting my eye-sight). (2) WOW, I have no idea what you just wrote about. I need to go back to the States to understand football...

  2. IDK why the font looks small. It's fine here, and I viewed it on several different systems. Huh...

  3. I second the tiny font comment...I'm on Windows 7, Firefox 5, screen res 1920x1080. I'm seeing the post body font as being smaller than the font for metadata, comments, categories, tweets, etc. Looks like it might be the same size as the font for "Misc Debris".

  4. Well, that's unexpected. I thought I'd tested for everything... May take some time to figure out, but I appreciate the feedback!