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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

That one time I tried to do something cool to my blog

Y'all. I am SO LOST. I've been using several blog platforms for years, now, and when I decided I wanted to do something "cool" to my boring old layout, I was all, "Psh! I got this."

But I don't got it. There are a bajillion freaking brackets in the code for this thing, and I only know what about half of them are talking about. That has made for some experimenting - "Hmm. So if that is this, and this is that thing, what happens if I just delete this..." That has made for some "Oh, #$@%^#^%$^@&#^!!"

Le sigh... Totally first-world problems, I know. Still, bear with me while I try to remember why I started this freaking process in the first place - and maybe get it right. Eventually.


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