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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Hooked on phonics... not so much

Wednesday, September 07, 2011 By

Emmie and I are reading Junie B. Jones, and she is having trouble sounding out a word.

"Guh... ahhhh... ing," she tries. But that doesn't make sense to her.

"Guh... oooo... ing," she tries again. But that doesn't work, either. We've been reading for 20 pages, and she's starting to get frustrated.

"Wait, Doodle, there's one more sound an 'o' can make. Do you remember?"

"Is it dis sound? Phflllllllllllllltttt!"

She dissolves into cackles, laughing so hard that her stomach hurts.

"Hey, guess what?" she said. "I fink I'm going to change all da o's to be said like phflllllllt! Is dat a great idea, or what? Who do we call for dat decision?"


  1. Emmie's too funny. Phonics schmonics! I learned how to read without phonics, but then had to endure the phonics lessons/recitations when I was switched to a private school. Ick! Ick! I'm with Emmie.