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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On relationships

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 By No comments

Emerson sleeps with me every night, and I really enjoy it. I like reading with her each evening. I like our quiet conversations, her sleepy smile, the way she insists on snuggling every morning before we get up. But while I was lying in bed the other night, I felt her pee on me.

Well, that's just awesome.

A friend, a divorced mom, has a boyfriend who slept over one night when her children were away.

"I forgot how nice it is to wake up with someone," she said.

I thought about that when I felt Emmie pee on me.

People keep asking me when I plan to start dating again - why they'd wish that on some poor, unsuspecting soul is beyond me - and I suppose I could start dating at any time. But my answer to their question is "Probably never," because one of those relationships would eventually turn into something serious. Someone would want to move in or get married or something. And, hey, maybe there's a person out there who exists and is so great that the relationship could inspire me to make Emerson sleep in her own bed. Maybe.

But you'd have to be a frickin' amazing person to get between me and my daughter's pee.


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