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Friday, July 01, 2011

What's up, doc?

Friday, July 01, 2011 By

While I wrote, Emmie was eating dinner: Fish sticks (shudder) that she'd been begging for, and carrots with cinnamon, agave nectar and cranberries to balance out the Soylent Green that sits on the plate beside them.

"Mom, can I hab some more fish sticks?" (Hell, no)

"You haven't touched your carrots, honey."

"Yeah, wull, I'm jus' gonna eat all my fish sticks first, and den I'll eat da carrots."

Huh? That doesn't make sense. Wait a second...

"Are you scared of my carrots?!"

She hid her face, laughing.

"Well, guess what? You're still going to eat them."

She laughed harder. I'm really happy to have a daughter with such an active sense of humor, but it's not always the most delightful when it's pointed at me.


  1. Oh, come on! she was laughing AT you, not WITH you - wait, I think I got my prepositions wrong :-S Ha hahahaa!!