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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vegas, baby, Vegas. And salsa.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 By 2 comments

A.W.: Here's the menu from the place we're going to eat at in Vegas. Drool away...

Me: The endive with goat cheese is my JAM! Yeah, I bringing "the jam" back. Deal with it.

A.W.:  LOL!!! I don't think it ever went away...

Me: I'm not ordering any frickin' fruit soup, though. That and gazpacho make no sense to me. It's a smoothie in a bowl, people! And gazpacho is just salsa. In a bowl. But without chips.

A.W.: I LOVE gazpacho... especially GOOD gazpacho!

Me: Whatever. I'm comfortable being a troglodyte. A troglodyte who does not waste her money on a bowl of stuff I can get for free at Vallarta.

A.W.: Correction: Salsa is usually not chilled, nor does it contain cucumber. OK, maybe it is chilled, but still...


A.W.: Smart ass!! You and your cucumber salsa can suck it!!


  1. I like that AW plans everything in advanced. I bet she even has "time to get over hangover" and "time to enjoy quietly" scheduled. She reminds me of me!

  2. From smoothie to soup *is* a short journey, to be sure, but a worthy one. Check out Cooking for one: When smoothies and soups converge