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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Santa in my closet

Wednesday, February 02, 2011 By

Emmie was disappointed that Santa didn't bring her a dang Barbie scooter this year. I had to no idea that would be THE gift she wanted this year, since she already has two bikes (one with training wheels, one for when she grows a pair), so a scooter seemed completely unnecessary.

Every time we went to a gift-opening extravaganza - as our extended family is ridiculously generous, there were several - she would lean over and whisper, "But, Mama, I diddin get a skooder." So her disappointment - masked by the good manners we had practiced - revealed itself to me.

Geez, Santa. How are you so lame?

Then - lo! The angel of the lord revealed to me the very same scooter she wanted on sale for half-price at just $15. Her birthday is just one month after Christmas. So I bought it and asked Scott to hide it in the storage shed. Instead, he put it in the coat closet.

"She'll find it there," I said.
"No, she won't. She never goes in there."
"She will! It's Murphy's Law!"
"Trust me."

I'll give you one guess as to who is right, and who is dead.

"MAMAAAAAAA!" Emmie careened into my room. "I godda SKOOODER!"

Man... I knew it!

"Santa Claus DID bringed it! He jus' HIDE it from me!" she shrieked, while I stood speechless.

"Dat Santa Claus..." she put her hands on her hips and shook her curls. "He so silly."


  1. Man- so frustrating- the poison is just too good for 'im! It'd be one thing if they'd learn from it & just accept that you're likely to be right about not such things, but noooo. [sigh]

    Thanks for the entertainment! Eileen~