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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Optimod unleashed - in my face

Saturday, February 19, 2011 By

Scott is practicing for his concert. This is a super-fun experience for his wife, who lives in a very small house with him. Really.

He's translating some stuff into Italian for his banter - I missed why and I don't really care - and is screwing it all up to comic effect.

"Scott, it's reh-GAT-si," I correct him, like I freaking know. But I know it's not "reegoatzee."

He corrects himself and moves on, getting to some audience participation stuff: "But we're Irish, we don't know how to dance. Will you teach us?" he calls to his imaginary audience.

"Hey, Irish people know how to dance! Hello? Step-dancing?" I call. Clan McGowen unite!

He saunters in, smugly: "Yeah, but that's what Bono said when they went to Europe."

"Yeah... babe, Ireland is in Europe."

I don't think you want to see what he did with his middle finger.


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