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Friday, October 29, 2010

Silly Questions Kids Ask: Halloween Edition

As part of getting ready for bed, Emmie took her clothes to the laundry room (or, the laundry coffin, as I like to think of it, because every time I walk in there, I feel like I've been buried alive). She came back with a worried expression.

"What's up, Little Gaga?"

"Um, why ders a ghost in da laundry room, and wuss he doeend in der?"


"Ders a ghost in da laundry room. Wuss he doeend?"

"There's no ghost in the laundry room, sweetie. I think you're still freaked out by the spooky stuff at the Halloween store."

She nodded, eyes wide. "Da zombies dat crawled were da coolest - but also da skeeriest!"

"But we know they're not real."

"No, dey're jus' stories dat we tell."


"But, mama? Why do we tell dem?"

"Because they're fun to hear. Aren't they exciting?"

"Yeah! But... sometimes dey skeer me."

"Well, then we won't tell them when you feel scared."

"Danks, mama."

"Okay. Time for bed."

"But what about da ghost in da laundry room?"

"Honey, there's no ghost in the laundry room."

"But I saw'd it!"

"Okay, I'll lie down with you until you fall asleep."

"Danks, mom. You da best mama in da world."

"You're the best Doodle in the world."

After she was asleep, I puttered around the house doing small chores, and stopped to throw some clothes in the laundry basket. That's when I saw it:

LOL! There was a ghost! 

Scott draped over the vacuum cleaner, for reasons I may never know. What I love is - well, first, I was wrong and Emmie was right, and that always assures me that the natural order of thing is still as topsy-turvy as the day we brought her home. But I also love that she didn't scream or cry or freak out. Even though it startled her, she asked why the ghost was there. To which I would respond now, "Because Hell has frozen over and the souls are all escaping; that's the only time we get a significant amount of laundry done around here. Maybe the ghost will help."


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