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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Because she's smarter than we are

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 By

Emmie has developed a new thing about eating. She wants to take a few bites and then put the food in the fridge "for later." She really just doesn't want to eat very much. Scott and I are of differing minds about this. He wants her to eat. I say she'll eat when she's hungry - and in the meantime, we'll supplement with a multi-vitamin.

Last night, he cooked a lovely dinner. And because I was late getting home, I missed a classic exchange. Emmie ate a little and then said she was full.

"No, eat your food," Scott said.

"But... I'm all fuuuulll!" she whined.

"Come on, you only had a few bites."

"Das all I wanned," she said.

"Emmie, eat your dinner."

"But Mom lets me put it in da fridge for later," she said.

"Emmie!" he was getting exasperated - and no doubt; she will argue with the furniture. "Just eat! There are starving children in China!"

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Ders not starving children in China! Dey have rice, an' Chinese food, an' Chinese bread!"

And at that, she flounced off, leaving Scott's jaw to pick itself up off the floor.


  1. I agree with you ... mama says I was the same way and Daddy forced me to eat everything on my plate. Now it's so far down in my psyche that it's almost impossible for me to just eat when I'm hungry and leave a spoonful on the plate when I'm already full.